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Nailfriend Plus - PatentedTM    (US Patent: 5287863)


3-Way Buffer/Shiner nail File (Multi-Layered)              (12 pcs per Box)

It's the world's most advanced 3-Way Buffer/Shiner nail file.  Awarded a U.S. Patent for its design and a U.S. Utility patent for its construction and speedy performance.  Now with larger filing area and tapered ends.

This unique Multi-layered file conforms to the entire nail bed thus providing for more coverage of buffing area with each filing stroke than regular 2-Way files.  It saves the salon's nail technicians much time in their manicuring services.  NailfriendTM  Plus achieves "Highest Shine in the Shortest Time".  It also reduces friction heat build up.

Price per box: $29.00


 Item #: 18-Cube-3/12